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Liberal Arts to Careers Externship (LACE) program!

 Winter Applications are no longer being accepted

APPLICANTS:  Don't forget to have a faculty or staff member submit the LACE Student Recommendation Form for you by the application deadline! 

Liberal Arts to Careers Externship (LACE) provides a select group of Harpur College students the opportunity to explore career options and gain insight into the realities of the workplace. Selected students are matched with an alumni sponsor for a shadowing experience at the sponsor's workplace. The experience allows students to better understand and validate their career options, learn about professionalism, and begin to establish the important network of alumni and other professionals they will need as they enter the working world.

Selected students are matched with a professional for a shadowing experience over winter or summer break. Students and sponsors meet between 20 and 40 hours over 3-5 visits. Meetings are scheduled at the convenience of student and sponsor. The program is structured to ensure opportunities for success through its flexibility to meet the needs of each individual pair. 

For more information about the LACE program: https://www.binghamton.edu/harpur/edge/lace/

Mentor Benefits

  • DEVELOP feedback and critical thinking skills
  • GROW your network in the professional landscape
  • ADVANCE your leadership skills
  • SUPPORT your alma mater through service

Student Benefits

  • GROW professional networks
  • LEARN to navigate collegiate challenges
  • DEVELOP your leadership skills
  • EXPLORE opportunities and build your career path

One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination. - John C. Maxwell

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